Friday, July 29, 2011


One of my favorite roles in life is Grammy to little Eli who is two. Recently she and her mama came to visit me and we got this photo of the two of us. Usually I'm behind the camera when I see her and realized that I hadn't gotten a photo of us together in a LONG time. Note to self: hand the camera off more often.

Eli is a beautiful and very smart two year old. She has been bi-lingual since she started talking. So, there are times I don't understand what she is saying. She and her mother converse in Spanish most of the time. I think with time, she will realize that she needs to speak English when she is with me. But she gets her wants and needs across very well in either language.

She's on vacation with her parents for a couple more weeks, so I'm counting the days until they come back and I can see my sweet grand-daughter again. Love you little Eli.