Friday, August 22, 2008

Five Favs Friday

I don't believe I've done this before but will make a stab at it today.

1. Los Napitas: a fairly new Mexican restaurant in my little town. It serves authentic food - not the stuff that's drenched in melted cheese and fat calories. The Sopas are to die for and last night I tried the enchiladas in green sauce - yum.

2. Basic Grey's new lines. Love the Eva and Ambrosia.

3. Ali's blog: yesterday and today she's answering readers' questions. There is a ton of info there for the taking.

4. CSA boxes: CSA is community supported agriculture. In my community there are a couple farmers who offer this service. I pay an amount up front for a certain number of weeks of a box of fresh organic produce which is harvested from the farm. If the season is good, I get a full box each week of luscious goodies; if it's not so good, I don't get much. It's a shared risk with the farmer - they have a guarranteed market and income and I have local delicious fruits and veges all summer.

5. Square punches: love my new Marvy 2" square punch. I had been using my cutter to make the squares until last week when I finally found the punch at my local Michael's. I just want to make squares of everything - photos, pp, embellishments for cards and layouts.....

Have a great Friday, I'm off to punch some more squares.