Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mixed media canvas

I've never done a canvas before, so this was a new experience. This past weekend Cocoa Daisy had their Spring Crop with challenges, classes, and just plain fun. One of the classes was on how to create a canvas project. Lisa one of the Cocoa Daisy Design Team members showed us step by step how to make a canvas using a handcut heart for a mask. While it was very pretty, I decided to use the techniques to create one with my OLS for 2011. It was really easy to do and fun to play with all the techniques. I like how it turned out and will definitely do this again. Thank you Lisa and Cocoa Daisy.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Farewell, my little friend

I couldn't even think of doing this post until today. It's been a week since I received the phone call from Sara letting me know that you had gotten out of the house and into the path of a utility truck. Your death was instanteous, so you did not suffer. You craved freedom, digging under the fence or waiting for that moment of inattention when the front door was open. It was really just a matter of time until this happened. But I'm so sad that it has.

Sara rescued you about 6 years ago when you were about 6 years old. You had been neglected and closed in a bathroom for hours at a time when your owners were gone. You had serious anxiety issues. Sara worked with you and loved on you until your anxiety lessened and you became a friendly, loving, bouncy furry friend.

When Eli was born two years ago, you became her guardian and patient pal. You never growled or became unpleasant when she pulled your hair or crawled in your bed with you, or gave you hugs. You learned early that you could discourage her by licking her hands and face. She loved to feed you and learned to give you gentle pats and hugs.

You usually spent a couple months with me each year when your family took vacations or were gone on business trips. You made yourself right at home with Freckles and me. Freckles seemed to enjoy your company and would run to find you when it was time to come in from the yard. You dug holes under my fences, too and got away a couple times. You would come prancing home after you had a chance to investigate the neighborhood (you could have been run over here just as easily as home). I loved your affectionate and bouncy personality. And will always remember how you walked with your tail in the air like a pom-pom or a flag. You loved to go on walks and were a perfect walking companion - just my speed with no pulling. And you never barked, but just made a growling sound deep in your throat.

So, farewell, my little friend. You are missed.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quilt Guild

Today was the last regular meeting for this year of the guild that I have belonged to for 3 years. Since I'm somewhat quiet, it has taken me this long to really get to know some of the ladies. I love this group....they are so helpful and encouraging. The next meeting witl be a potluck in June to vote on the next year's officers. I won't be able to go as I'll be recuperating from my surgery, but my name is on the ballot for secretary. There are two of us, so it's not a sure thing. I would look forward to being an officer and getting more involved and becoming even more acquainted with members. We'll see.

And since no post is complete without a photo, here's my layout for LOAD for today. The prompt is to use emphasis. And the whole subject of LOAD is 'back to the basics'. So my layout seems rather plain, but it is basic and speaks to Eli's growing sense of independence.